Clean-Up Checklist

Clean-Up Checklist2019-04-01T16:28:28-04:00

Check in with the Facilitator- their name is on the blackboard in the lobby

Around 11:15am, Start washing dishes:
– Rinse dishes, wash off most food, remove lipstick
– Put 1 tablespoon of soap in bottom of dishwasher
– Place in sanitizer, just one rack at a time
– Put an empty rack on top if there are light plastic cups
– To start, close and lock the door
– Wait ~3 minutes until it stops rattling (don’t trust light)
– Remove trays of clean dishes
– Blot bottoms of mugs and cups
– Let air dry for a few minutes, maybe in dish drainer
– Put back in cabinets

About 45 minutes into social hour, start putting the food on the buffet away- cover and put in fridge, or put in the “already opened” food cupboard in the kitchen

At 12:15pm, begin cleaning:

-Empty garbage & recycling, replace bags
-Sweep floor in kitchen (brooms are in pantry)
-Vacuum Fellowship Hall (vacuum is in closet in FH)
-Wipe all counters and tables with bleach water
(instructions and bucket are in dishwashing area)

-Turn off dish washer and unplug coffee maker!!!

Towel Washer: take home tablecloths & towels to wash

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