Coffee Maker Checklist

Coffee Maker Checklist2019-04-01T16:28:28-04:00


Check-in with the Facilitator (name is on the chalkboard in the lobby)

Clean coffee maker (unless Facilitator did it), then plug in
Plan & get out coffee needed (chart is on wall near door)
Get out pump-pots (2 reg, 2 decaf)
Put cups (compostable or ceramic) on left pass through;
if using compostables, put out insulating sleeves
Boil water to fill 2 pump pots for tea, put on left pass-thru


– Start coffee brewing after bubbling stops (~15 minutes)
– Put empty coffee bags in landfill trash
– Grounds & filters in small compost bucket on counter
– Put full pump pots in left pass-thru
– Add monkey dishes to catch drips
– Refill tea basket, if necessary
– Put tea basket & box of black tea near Hot Water pots
– Cover small table with table cloth, folding as needed
– Put sweeteners (sugar, honey, & non-sugar) on small table
– Add clean spoons, used spoon plate & sign, and dish for
wrappers to small table

Other Drinks:
– Put out a pitcher of water and compostable clear cups.
– Put out any bottles of iced tea, juice, etc from fridge,
but NOT those labeled for RE, Concert, etc.
– Optional: Ice in an ice bucket, especially in Summer

Other things:
– Be sure there are 2 tables in the center of Fellowship Hall
– Optional: put on tablecloths
– If time, help the food buffet preparers


-Pour half-and-half & milk into pitchers
-Put pitchers on small plates with signs on small table
-Put Almond Milk (in carton) on small table


Put two tubs of warm soapy water (front & replacement) on
pass-thru in dishwasher area


Leave a tea kettle (full) on low, with a spoon in the spout


-Send notes and ideas to Laura Brown <> or
Betsy Berry <>, or tell Facilitator
-Tell Linda Eller <> what is running low


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