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1st Sunday Plate Collection Nominations

Twice a year we nominate charities for our 1st Sunday collections. Every month we designate a charity to receive a collection which averages about $1200/month. If you have a charity you’d like to nominate, please fill out the form below, and email it to Peg ( or drop it off in the plastic bin attached to the office door. Six charities are chosen at both the Annual and the Mid-Year Member Meetings. Please don’t limit your nominations to local charities. There are 3.1 million people seeking asylum throughout the world.

2019 Charity Nomination Form

Library Catalogs

To view a complete listing of the UUFCC’s book collection, please click the links below. All resources are located in the Library (adjoining the back of Fellowship Hall).

Children’s Resources

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Adult Resources

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Caring Committee:

The goals of the Caring Committee are to coordinate the caring activities of our congregation when needed, to develop a community network of advocacy, support and information for those who are in need of help and for those who wish to volunteer to help.  This way we can assure that most needs are being met, though if we don’t get a call or email to let us know, we can’t do anything.  There are many caring activities independent of the Caring Committee initiated by members/friends of this congregation.  Communication about situations that may need attention are directed to the chair of the Caring Committee, the Minister, and/or the Office Administrator. The committee offers short-term help for concerns of UUFCC active friends and members when needed, but not professional care.

If you’re experiencing difficulties, health issues, or transitions, you can reach out to the Caring Committee at

End of Life Advanced Planning:

It is never easy to think about or plan for one’s death, but doing advance planning can save considerable heartache and difficulty for your heirs. The
Caring Committee provides this form each year to make this task easier for UUFCC members and friends. You may have done this previously, but this is an opportunity to update your information.

Please print out the form (click on the link below), and return to the office at UUFCC, 780 Waupelani Drive, Ext., State College PA 16801.  Please include the instructions “For the Reverend Carol Thomas Cissel, or designee”.  Your form will be confidential and only the minister or designee will have access to the information in the Important Personal Information File. Also please share this form with your family members. It is easy to fill out and it will save a lot of heartache and trauma when your mortal days are over.
Thank you, The Caring Committee

End of Life Personal Information Sheet

Legacy Giving and Planned Gifts:

Join us on Saturday, September 19, 2020 for a free, virtual seminar and learn the fundamentals of planning ahead to preserve the future for you and your loved ones. Attorney Julie Steinbacher with Steinbacher, Goodall & Yurchak will provide practical information on the core elements of estate planning and help you craft a strategy that works for you. For more information, click here.

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