Facilitator Checklist

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Hospitality Team Sunday Facilitator Checklist


  • Don’t DO the task yourself!  Find someone to do it!
  • Make notes about who helps and suggestions for procedure changes.
  • Introduce new folks to Teammates, and others.
  • Train new folks, and anyone else who has forgotten; give them role checklists.
Prior Print out Schedule, carry one, put one on refrigerator.
All Day Greet Team members, introduce them, focus on new Team members.
All Day Re-assign people and/or recruit more helpers, if needed.
All Day On the Schedule, note Team members who helped, didn’t, volunteered for future weeks, pitched in unscheduled that day (including non-Team members).
All Day Use the Hospitality Team Checklists to train Team members.
8:40 Unlock building (front door, door near room 6 and door near stairs).
Clean out coffee maker, then plug in.
Turn on dishwasher.
Find Hospitality Team Checklists Notebook (in kitchen).
9:45 Decide who (Greeter or Usher) will pass microphone during Joys & Sorrows.

Tell Worship Leader or Worship Associate (listed on the front of the Sunday program).

10:15 If any Team Member wants to run a load or two of mugs during the Service, great!
11:30 Be sure Cleanup is starting, but don’t pressure guests to leave.
11:40 Facilitator may leave now if Cleanup is going well and you feel you’ve put in a long enough day.
Before you leave Report who helped by putting your copy of the schedule with your notes in the Hospitality Mailbox in the Office.
Later Send notes and ideas to Laura Brown at LSB7@psu.edu or Betsy Berry at betsyberry51@gmail.com.

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