Freedom Seder

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Every spring, to begin the Passover holiday, Jewish families around the world gather for a ceremonial meal called a Seder. Seders include rituals to retell the Hebrew bible story of Exodus about slaves escaping tyranny. The values embraced in the Seder celebration are an integral part of Unitarian Universalism. At the UUFCC’s Freedom Seder you can

  • be a part of an intergenerational celebration,
  • learn about a neighboring faith,
  • experience a Passover Seder (UU style),
  • rejoice in our freedom,
  • sing great songs,
  • eat yummy food,
  • and contribute to social action for justice and equality!

Join in this liberally adapted Seder and enjoy a wonderful night of fellowship; restore your hope and renew your commitment to work for justice.

All are welcome! Join us this year:

2019 UUFCC’s Freedom Seder
A Celebration for All!

Friday, April 26, 6-8pm

Come to the Freedom Seder to enjoy an intergenerational potluck dinner and Passover service. Family, friends, neighbors and colleagues will be warmly welcomed; ask them now to save the date. Enjoy a wonderful night of fellowship; restore your hope and renew your commitment to work for justice. The UUFCC’s Family Freedom Seder is fun for most ages, but childcare will be available. Arrive early to greet friends and get settled. The event includes a yummy potluck. Symbolic foods (including lotso matzo, ceremonial wine, and grape juice), main dishes, and desserts will be provided. All who are able are encouraged to bring a side dish to share (e.g., a vegetable, tossed or fruit salad; no bread please) and lend a hand by helping with setup or cleanup.
If you would like to get involved or if you have questions, contact Laura Brown at or Elaine Lau at

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