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Click here to view the final report for Green Sanctuary accreditation from the UUA:

UUFCC GS Accreditation Report


Green Sanctuary Happenings for February

Our request for accreditation report is up on the UUFCC website and in the hands of the UUA. One hundred and thirty-five members and attenders signed onto our statement:

“We the members of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship support the application of our Fellowship for Green Sanctuary accreditation by the Unitarian Universalist Association.  Signing yea on this petition obligates us, jointly and individually, to become a greater blessing to the Earth and to make our life choices and actions better reflect dependence on earth’s web of life.”

Up-coming February events:

February 18, 11:30am, room 2: Green Sanctuary Committee meeting. We are reorganizing and creating lots of room for new ideas and newcomers.

February 21, 7pm, Foxdale Auditorium, “Divide in Concord.” Love Your Planet Film Series continues with a 3 month focus on plastic pollution.  In an entertaining fashion, this documentary exploring citizen action follows an 84 year-old woman leading a crusade against plastic water bottles in her small Massachusetts town.

February 25, 11:30am, room 6: TED and Talk: Robin Wall Kimmerer, botanist, essayist, and member of the Potawatomi Nation, asks the question: “What does Earth ask of us?” in a lecture series called, “Questions for a Resilient Future.” 17 minutes,


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