Greeter Checklist

Greeter Checklist2019-04-01T16:28:29-04:00
  • Check the blackboard in the lobby for RE information (for parents who ask where the kids are going) and for the Facilitator’s name (check in with him/her if you have time)
  • Decide with other Greeters & Ushers who will pass the
    microphone for Joys and Sorrows and let the Facilitator know

***Welcome visitors. Greet members. Introduce everyone!***

  • If someone is new, introduce yourself, have them make a name tag, and ask them to put their name and email on the sign-in sheet (name tags and sign-in clipboard will be on the welcome table in the lobby)
  • Show visitors where Early Coffee is
  • Let new visitors know that someone will be at the table after service if they have any questions, and that there will be coffee and treats in Fellowship Hall
  • Take new families to Milena or Olivia for RE orientation
  • Tell people with hearing aids that we have a T-coil system
  • Enjoy the Service! If you can, sit near a new person
  • Enjoy the Social Hour! Try to talk to at least one new

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