Lay-Led Services

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Sunday services at UUFCC can be very different from week to week. That is why we encourage folks to come back and visit us several times to experience the range of all that we have to offer. At least three Sundays per month, services are conducted by our Minister in cooperation with the Sunday Services Committee. Most often, a representative from this committee assists the Minister with the service. About once a month, services are designed and carried out by lay members of the Fellowship. During the summer, our minister takes a two-month vacation and study leave. From mid-June to mid-August, Sunday services are written and conducted either by members of the Sunday Services Committee, or by other members and/or friends of the Fellowship. By viewing worship as a shared project, we are upholding the original understanding of the word liturgy, which literally means “the work of the people.”

Lay-led services follow a similar format to those led by the Minister, and include chalice lighting, readings, music, a time for expression of Joys & Sorrows, Offertory, closing words and extinguishing the chalice. Service themes range from inspirational to cerebral, spiritual to concrete. Sometimes you will experience all of these in one service! For example, each summer UUFCC members put together a Humor Sunday service, through which we take a light-hearted look at ourselves as Unitarian Universalists. Lay-led services are a long tradition at UUFCC and are consistently well received. We hope you will enjoy participating in the great variety of Minister-led, lay-led, and multigenerational Sunday services at UUFCC.

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