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For Unitarian Universalists, social justice means taking action. Our Social Justice Committee participates in an array of social action programs in order to lift up and contribute to our communities, locally, nationally and internationally.  We work for change from the ground up and we work to balance the scales of justice.

We welcome more participants to continue to move forward and we celebrate new initiatives!

The Social Justice Committee meets the 2nd Sunday of the month at 11:30am, in the Library. We meet to plan and touch base with the leaders of our current projects. All are welcome to attend.

Peg Dobrinska, Chair 



The next primary election is on April 28, 2020.

Fair Districts

Next Meeting: THURSDAY, MARCH 19 – Please email Debbie Trudeau for the time and location
Regular meetings are the second Tuesday of each month.

Help educate voters about the importance of passing legislation to create a Fair Districts Commission. PA is one of the most gerrymandered states in the US. The courts stepped in and redid the congressional maps but we need a new state map for our state government, too. Nothing we value will pass in PA until we establish Fair Districts. Contact Toby or Pam Short (

General Assembly Providence Rhode Island

June 24th-28th, 2020

UU’s from across the country gather once each year to attend to organizational business, hear from national leaders in many fields, plan and worship together. Great opportunity for new ideas and inspiration. Early Bird Registration is available now through March 15.  Scholarships and payment plans are available. For more information please visit:

For Green Sanctuary information and events, please CLICK HERE.

Social Action Initiatives throughout the Year:

Do you know about Faithify? is the crowdfunding resource for all Unitarian Universalists. Faithify not only helps you raise money and fund great ideas; it helps you tell your story. Check the website from time to time and assist other UU’s in realizing their dreams. If you want to start your own Faithify fundraising campaign, check with Peg or Ken for some fundraising strategies. To date there have been 416 fundraising efforts with 83% meeting their goals.

Prison Society

Many UU members continue to provide services, visits and programs to people incarcerated in Centre County.

Would you like to join the work of the UU’s who volunteer at the County Prison on the Benner Pike? Here are the many ways we support the inmates:

  • We and the inmates created a beautiful quilt that is framed and hangs in the visitor’s waiting area. It depicts the aspirations of the inmates.
  • We maintain the prison libraries on each cell block.
  • We offer classes in yoga, meditation, line dancing and arts and crafts.
  • We just received a grant to purchase materials for a parent training class that will allow inmates to have contact visits with their children. Eighty percent of the inmates at CCCF are parents. Some of us will be trained to be the instructors.
  • We advocated and succeeded in changing the clothing policy for each inmate to include warm long sleeve thermal shirts.
  • We video record stories read by inmates to their children and mail them to their families.
  • We meet with individual inmates at their request and advocate for their special requests such as glasses, orthopedic shoes, medication, and transportation after release, and contact with their children.
  • We participate in the weekly Prison Board meetings.
  • We updated the information guide given to inmates and their families.
  • We are supporting the effort to get an outside recreation area established. Right now there are no windows in the cell blocks and no outside time.
  • We participate in the ReEntry Coalition to reduce recidivism … ie. assisting our Centre County neighbors when they leave the jail to resume their lives.

Please contact Janet Irons at or Peg Dobrinska at if you are interested in learning more about our work at the Centre County Correctional Facility. We do our work under the guidance and structure of the Prison Society. The Prison Society was founded by Ben Franklin and is protected by law in Pa. It guarantees citizen access to the prisons in Pennsylvania. This is an important safeguard for inmates, staff and our community.

First Sunday Plate Collections

Twice a year the congregation selects 6 charities to receive all the funds given at the first plate collection of each month.  The UUFCC donates about $16,000 each year to various local, state and national charities. Recent and upcoming recipients include Park Forest Preschool, Schlow Library, Children’s Advocacy Center, Women’s’ Resource Center, Southern Poverty Law Center, and many other deserving organizations.

First Plate Collections approved at 2020 Mid-Year Meeting

March – Split plate between Youth and RE chosen charities
April – Trees for the Future
May – Mid State Literacy Council
June – Annunciation House

Green Sanctuary  

1st Sunday of each month,  11:30 AM – Room 2

The UUFCC is now a fully accredited Green Sanctuary congregation: a formal recognition of our service and dedication to the Earth, grounded in Unitarian Universalism.

Our purpose is to study, reflect, and act on environmental challenges via:

  • Environmental justice and ethics within and beyond our fellowship;
  • Worship and celebration;
  • Education and informal learning opportunities for families and individuals;
  • Sustainable practices in our fellowship, families, and communities.

Read the Accreditation Application here.

For more information on Green Sanctuary, or to get involved, come to a GS-meeting (see above).

RESIST Table in Fellowship Hall

Be sure to stop at the SA table after services on Sunday. We will attempt to have a weekly update asking for you to contact your legislators in favor of or opposing proposed legislation. This is very easy to do and we have sample scripts. We will have petitions and other information for you. If you want the congregation to respond to something that is troubling you, send to

The November elections show that anger can motivate a lot of people to become politically active. Putting that anger into action can create change. All across the US, new candidates emerged, particularly women, and many were successful. In PA we may have a Supreme Court that will support an end to gerrymandering. We need to keep pressure on our legislators to do what’s right to protect our Democracy.

Troy Frank has joined the Environmental Justice Team and will keep us informed of legislation that we will support or we will oppose.


UUFCC are active members of UU Plan (, the statewide UU Pennsylvania Legislative Advocacy Network that supports legislative action on a variety of justice issues. The current political trends in PA are directly threatening to UU values regarding the rights and dignity of individuals, the democratic process, caring for our environment, and the rights of women and people of color.

We have chosen to advocate for justice on seven key issues:

  • Economic Justice  (Ken Riznyk)
  • Environmental Justice (open)
  • Immigration  (Elaine Jurs- temporary)
  • LGBTQ  (open)
  • Mass Incarceration  (Peg Dobrinska)
  • Preventing Gun Violence in PA  (Libby Gage)
  • Reproductive Justice  (Michal Stump)
  • Good Governance  (Ron Simpson)


Mayan Families- Service trip to Panajachel, Guatemala 


For the past several years, we have made service trips to Panajachel, Guatemala. In the Spring of 2017, we constructed a very basic two bedroom house. We also developed a preschool lesson in Spanish to present in all the preschools and left enough supplies for it to be repeated throughout the year.

For details on upcoming service trips, contact Peg Dobrinska (

A look at one of our past trips:

Interfaith Power and Light- Weatherization

Our Weatherization Teams work together with Interfaith Power and Light.  This program enables low income families to get help with the weatherization of their homes, saving them money and reducing energy consumption.  

Our clients are people who receive financial heating assistance. Contact Ken Riznyk at
















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