Usher Checklist

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Usher Checklist

  • Check-in with Facilitator (their name will be on the blackboard in the lobby) when you arrive
  • Decide with the Greeters who will pass the mic for Joys and Sorrows; let Facilitator know
  • Locate Usher items in the filing cabinet closest to the door inside the Office (collection baskets, chimes, counters) Additional items (money bag, attendance sheet, and programs) are also in the office on the table next to the copier
  • Stand at the Sanctuary doors and hand out programs (9:45am)
  • Walk through lobby and Fellowship Hall and ring chimes loudly (9:55am)
  • When you see someone at the pulpit, close the Sanctuary doors (10-ish)
  • One usher stays in the lobby for a few minutes to direct latecomers to enter through the Community Room (after that, extra programs can be left next to the Sanctuary entrance via the Community Room)
  • Gather the collection, take it to the office, put in the money bag and put the bag in the safe in the closet (if Rev CTC is leading worship, take the baskets to her first for a blessing, then to the office) (10:30-ish)
  • Count the people in the Sanctuary, AND in the lobby and Fellowship Hall, enter on the attendance sheet, and leave on the office administrator’s desk
  • Make sure chimes, counters, and baskets have been put away

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