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Yard Sale 2019: Conmmunity Connections/Transforming Stuff into Support for Us

Sale Date: August 17 8:00(5$ early admission)-1 pm

Presale Work: Sunday, August 11 to Friday, August 16 (NOON)

The Yard Sale  1. Brings us all together 2. Helps members simplify their homes and lives 3. Provides quality “stuff” at low prices 4. Supports local nonprofits 5. Keeps “stuff” out of the landfill 6. Is fun!

Unsold goods go to the AAUW, American Rescue Workers, and Interfaith Human Services. Goods that cannot be donated are recycled if at all possible. A few special items are saved for the Service Auction.

What can you donate? any furniture portable enough that 1-2 people can carry it (tables, lightweight sofas, bookcases, desks, beds, file cases, etc.), children’s toys, housewares, small appliances, jewelry, books and media, linens, antiques, games, seasonal, office, art, garden, tools, games , house plants etc. If it isn’t on the list below and is in good condition, please bring it in!

What can’t you donate (because we cannot sell)? food (except for bake sale), clothing of any kind (not even children’s), shoes, makeup, liquids, mattresses, tires, helmets, children’s equipment that does not meet current standards, CRT TV’s or monitors, computers more than 3 years old, exercise equipment.

If you lack space to store your donations over the summer, call or email Cee Pollard – cpollard@lockhaven.edu, 867-2640

The Yard Sale brings us together, recycles, supports our activities – and provides lots of fun. Hope to see you there.

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