Stewardship is taking care of what we value.

Giving is central to UU beliefs and values in that we recognize the sharing of our strengths and compassion with others is integral to spiritual growth. Giving takes many forms at UUFCC – serving on committees, hospitality teams, leading worship service, or teaching religious education; singing in the choir; standing up for others in the cause of justice for our community, as well as providing financial support.

We are not supported by a diocese, so financial gifts are the only means we have to pay our staff, maintain our facilities, and support the work of the Fellowship. Contributions through a varied set of options fuel the programs and activities that mean the most to you. “Planned gifts” provide long-term benefit by laying a sustainable path for those who come after us. Many options come with tax advantages.

For example, a share of our endowment’s investment earnings is used for helping the Fellowship deal with critical needs for maintenance, repairs, and improvements. In addition, memorials given to honor members who have passed have been used for special projects; namely the lift, flooring in the sanctuary, and bookshelves in the library.

Please explore the Giving Pages on the left to learn about the many ways Members support our Fellowship and assure that liberal religion thrives.

I support the UUFCC because I appreciate the energy and enthusiasm with which the Fellowship works in both the local community and the larger world to promote values and causes that are so badly needed, especially now. I truly believe we are a force for good!

Jean Giddings, member

UUFCC, and my spiritual family the community creates, provide the support I need to put into practice daily choices and actions that work towards a world that is love and peace-filled, sustainable and environmentally friendly, poverty and hunger free, more economically just and fair trade, accepting of all races and supportive of gender equality. That’s why I support the Fellowship in return.

Ileen Carter, member