General Donations to UUFCC

Support the daily life and activities of the Fellowship. Click each section below to read how.

We can take cash or checks! Make your checks out to “UUFCC”.

You can drop the cash/check in the offering basket on Sunday mornings, or hand it to the Office Administrator during office hours, or mail it to our address: 780 Waupelani Dr. Ext., State College, PA 16801

Our church management system, Breeze, provides a safe and secure way to give us money online. We accept credit card, debit card, and ACH bank transfers.

Go here to begin the process to donate online.

Simply text GIVE to (814) 347-8544.

How it works: Our Church Management System allows for linking between your phone number and your online giving account. The first time you give by text, you will be linked to fill out your information at a secure page online. After that, your phone number will be linked to this account and you can text any time to give! Don’t worry, if you did this by accident you can text REFUND within 24 hours to undo the transaction. To see all texting commands, text COMMANDS to the phone number above.

(Read more at this article by Breeze, our Church Management System)

You can use your bank’s online bill-paying system to schedule payments to UUFCC.

You can also direct your bank to make ACH transfers to UUFCC (alternatively, set up ACH transfers yourself through our online giving system).

Helping other people and organizations

Annual pledging

The primary source of funding for UUFCC is financial pledges from members and friends who provide the reliable support that maintains the Fellowship as part of our lives and a valuable presence in the larger community. Pledging at UUFCC is very similar to the “recurring gifts” that many charitable organizations encourage as part of fundraising.

Pledging and planning ahead for a year’s gifts to UUFCC can also help givers take full advantage of tax breaks for charitable donations.

Every spring we ask members and friends for pledges of support that are considered in budgeting for the new fiscal year that starts July 1. New members are strongly encouraged to make a pledge of financial support when they sign the book and commit to our community. If their financial situation changes, members can easily change their pledge by contacting the Minister or Treasurer.

Pledges can be paid all at once, as recurring weekly or monthly payments, or at any time you choose, in any amount you choose.

Wanting to pay your pledge? Use any of the payment methods outlined under the General Donations section above, making sure to write “pledge payment” in the comments (online giving) or memo line (checks).

Check out the 2023-2024 Pledge Campaign.