What we do

The Caring Committee facilitates many of the Fellowship’s compassionate responses such as providing rides to the doctor, running errands, picking up groceries, hospital visits, and arranging meal deliveries. The committee offers short-term help for concerns of UUFCC active friends and members.

Through a community network of advocacy, support and information we can ensure the needs of those who require some assistance are met. While caring activities may be initiated by members and friends of the congregation, the help of the Caring Committee may also be enlisted by alerting the Caring Committee chair, the Minister, and/or the Office Administrator.

The Caring Committee is unable to provide professional care.

Contact Us

If you’re experiencing financial difficulties, health issues, or transitions, you can reach out to the Caring Committee at caring@uufcc.com.

For those who wish to volunteer to help, please contact the Caring Committee, the Minister, and/or the Office Administrator.

End of Life Advanced Planning

It is never easy to think about or plan for one’s death, but doing advance planning can save considerable heartache and difficulty for your heirs. The Caring Committee provides this form each year to make the task easier for UUFCC members and friends. You may have done this previously, but this is an opportunity to update your information.

Please print out this form. Return the completed form to the UUFCC office. Please include the instructions “For the minister, or designee.” Your form will be confidential and only the minister or designee will have access to the information in the Important Personal Information File. Also please share your form with your family members. It is easy to fill out and it will save a lot of heartache and trauma when your mortal days are over.

Thank you,

The Caring Committee

Planned Gifts

Thinking of making a Planned Gift to UUFCC? Please refer to this Q&A sheet.