High School Youth Group

The High School Youth Group at UUFCC is an opportunity for all interested youth in 9th through 12th grade to have fun, grow in leadership, and serve their community and beyond. Youth have the chance to explore and share together their spiritual doubts and questions. They will have caring advisers to lead them on their way but now they will be part of choosing their own path of exploration. Youth Group offers a chance for youth to develop deep, caring friendships while getting to know more about themselves and how to journey through the world as Unitarian Universalists.

Our High School Youth Group meets from 11:30 am – 1:00 pm in Room 5

The youth group is currently working on moving, painting, and creating their new youth space. Our group is very small, so regular gatherings are on hold. We hope to meet more regularly soon!

Signature Program: Becoming

A Coming of Age Program for 9th-10th grade.

This program supports youth as they explore, develop and articulate their personal values and faith identity. As a part of this program, youth develop their own personal “Credo”, engage in group adventures, and go on a service project trip.

Becoming’s theological approach frames the spiritual life around three core themes and questions:

  • Belonging –  To whom or what do I belong?
  • Becoming –  Who am I becoming?
  • Beyond – What is beyond me?

Signature Ritual: Bridging

A “graduation” for our UU youth to be welcomed as UU young adults.

Bridging is a special Sunday service in which we honor the lives and “graduation” of our UU youth as they bridge to UU young adults. We meet and celebrate ahead of the service and the youth participate to share their growth story in the service.