Rites of Passage

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Child Dedication

Similar to Christian-style baptisms or christenings, our congregations hopes to welcome babies and small children into our community through this moving ceremony. It is a unique opportunity for parents to express devotion to their children in the presence of family and friends. Our hope is to provide you and your family with support and affirmation on this special occasion.

Typically taking place during a Sunday morning service, the ceremony is uniquely crafted by parents, the minister, and the Director of Lifespan Religious Education. It might include the following:

  • A blessing for new life
  • An expression of hopes for the child
  • An opportunity to recognize godparents
  • A promise of support for the child from family, friends, and the congregation

If you are interested in performing a child dedication, please contact our minister at revcissel@uufcc.com. If you are not a part of the congregation and do not plan to join UUFCC, we can still accommodate your ceremony at a time other than Sunday morning (typically a Sunday afternoon) to be held in our sanctuary.

Coming Of Age

Coming of Age is a yearlong rite of passage honoring ones transition from childhood into adolescence. This process of learning and exploration is for 8th graders in our RE program. For more information, click HERE.


This is a rite of passage for Youth Group seniors as we celebrate their transition from youth to young adulthood. This ceremony takes place during the Rite of Passage worship service in the late spring each year. For more information, click HERE.


Weddings services are a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the love between two individuals. Due to our belief in the inherent worth and dignity of all people and along history of promoting the equal rights of the LGBTQ community, we bless all unions in our congregation.

Just as each individual person is different, so is each wedding. Our minister will gladly work with you in order to craft a service that reflects your personalities and relationship. As such, our minister is a skilled officiant for interfaith weddings, atheist weddings, and all weddings of diverse beliefs.

If you’d like to hold your wedding at our Fellowship, please contact our minister at revcissel@uufcc.com.

Memorial Services And Funerals

We offer our deepest condolences for your loss. Memorial services and funerals can be both a challenging and rewarding endeavor and we hope that this can be a time of remembrance and thanksgiving for you and your family.

As services to honor loved ones are often very personal, our minister will work with you to develop a service that specifically honors their memory. They might include any or all of the following:

  • Eulogy
  • Poem and/or readings
  • Prayer and/or meditation
  • Hymn singing or other music
  • A time for personal reflection
  • A time to remember the deceased with stories

If you wish to hold a memorial service or funeral at UUFCC, please contact our minister at revcissel@uufcc.com.

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