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Cooked, Survival by Zip Code was produced by an award winning filmmaker named Judith Hefand.  It will be shown July 11th, 7pm in the Foxdale Auditorium. The film is being co-sponsored by the Climate Justice Group of State College Friends Meeting, and Foxdale’s Diversity Equity and Inclusion and Climate Care Committees.  State College community attendance is welcomed.

Cooked, Survival by Zip Code documents various weather disasters but focuses on the 1995 Chicago heat disaster that killed 739 people. Most of those people were elderly, impoverished and many were black. This film links extreme weather events with extreme disparity …  people without the means to escape or recover invariably suffer the most. The timing of this showing with our most recent national heat wave makes the film very relevant. Climate scientists predict increased strength and frequency of weather events and predict a “world of hurt” if we fail to address the cause – the hurt will not be equally distributed.
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