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Sunday Service – “The Trees of the Dancing Goats”


How does generosity lead to a deepening experience of true friendship between faith traditions? Come celebrate our Holiday Play multi-generational service with us as we explore an interactive and heart-warming story between Jewish and Christian families. All kids are invited to attend and participate in the play!

Sunday Service – “The Trees of the Dancing Goats”2023-12-05T14:13:45-05:00

Sunday Service – “Poetry and Music”


A morning of poetry and classical guitar music from Wayne Osgood and Paul Amato. They started playing music almost thirty years ago, when they were both in Lincoln, Nebraska, continuing when they both moved here a few years later. After the Sociology Department’s rock and roll band, Lost Faculties, dissolved about 10 years ago, they regrouped playing classical guitar duets. All kids (Pre-K through Middle School) are invited to join in "Gift-Making" (craft making and art) from 10:00 am - 12:00 pm on Sunday, Dec 24. Parents are welcome to drop off and pick up by noon. Sign up for Gift-Making [...]

Sunday Service – “Poetry and Music”2023-12-05T14:19:26-05:00

Sunday Service – “There’s a Light in the Darkness”


Life comes with struggles and sadness, ups and downs. The state of the world - war, democracy, poverty, climate change, etc - all add to the strain of daily living, causing more people to feel fragile and vulnerable. We talk seasonal blues, today, and making our way through the tough times. This is a Blue Sunday service.

Sunday Service – “There’s a Light in the Darkness”2023-12-01T14:22:16-05:00

Sunday Service – “Ours and Theirs: Navigating Pluralism”


With Rev. Kristin Grassel Schmidt Unitarian Universalism has been pluralist for generations, and wisdom from other traditions is one of our named sources of faith. But putting these values into practice isn't always easy or straightforward. Join us this week as we consider our faith's approach to pluralism, and how we strive to relate to other faiths with humility and respect.

Sunday Service – “Ours and Theirs: Navigating Pluralism”2023-11-12T01:35:36-05:00

Our Stone SoUUp ~ A Community Celebration


Join us for our annual Intergenerational Thanksgiving service - the re-telling of the Stone Soup story with our focus on embracing community, including those whom we don't yet know and those with whom we don't necessarily get along, from a sense of abundance, love, and deep kindness. And, we'll be making soup! (Please sign up to contribute to our soup HERE and sign up to receive soup delivered to your home HERE!) Please come with a spirit of generosity and welcoming! NOTE: This is NOT a hybrid service. It will be in-person in the Fellowship Hall.

Our Stone SoUUp ~ A Community Celebration2023-11-14T11:47:19-05:00

Wheel of the Year: Mystery (Winter Solstice Service)


We come together to celebrate and honor the wheel of the year, the turning of the earth and thus the changing of the seasons. It is a service in which we honor and celebrate our deep connection to the earth and all her living creatures.  This service will be outside next to the fire pit. Dress warmly. Hot Apple Cider provided. Please sign up for childcare HERE by Wed, Dec 20!

Wheel of the Year: Mystery (Winter Solstice Service)2023-12-04T23:55:54-05:00

Hot Topics: Where Are We with Opioids


Dr. Jason Whitney will be presenting on Opioids, Addiction and Recovery.  His session will examine the opioid overdose epidemic as part of a larger substance use disorder epidemic.  He will describe the current status of opioid addiction, review the status of addiction as a chronic disease, and discuss various systems of treatment and recovery pathways.   Dr. Whitney is an Associate Teaching Professor in the College of Education and Program Director of the Penn State Collegiate Recovery Community, a program of Student Affairs that supports students in recovery from addictions that he helped found in 2011.  He is the founder and [...]

Hot Topics: Where Are We with Opioids2023-11-08T15:05:54-05:00
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