Events for April 17, 2024

Event Series Sunday Worship

Sunday Service – “The Emotional Impact of Being Scammed and How to Avoid It”

UUFCC - Sanctuary 780 Waupelani Drive, State College

...with Penny Eifrig. Scams are becoming more and more prevalent, yet people are still often too embarrassed to talk about it. But a scam is a violent crime, not unlike getting mugged. What can we learn about ourselves when we begin to learn about how your reptile brain functions, than when manipulated, can make you (and others) do things that seem inconceivable? Penny Eifrig shares her recent experience with amygdala hijack, and how it can explain many behaviors in today’s world.

Event Series Intergenerational Music Program

Intergenerational Music program

UUFCC - Gathering Space 780 Waupelani Drive, State College

Join Colleen and Ashley as we have fun learning new songs to sing for our Multi-generational Sunday services: Earth Day Service on April 21, Lifespan RE Service on May 19, and Flower Celebration Service on June 2. We’ll continue our journey of Social Justice Music through the span of Black American history as well as add new songs for Earth Day and Flower Celebration. Please register to join!

Event Series UUFCC Jazz Band Rehearsals

UUFCC Jazz Band Rehearsal

UUFCC - Sanctuary 780 Waupelani Drive, State College

The UUFCC Jazz Band is open to all. Rehearsals occur on Sundays in the Sanctuary, although occasionally the band may rehearse in Room 6 due to major church events. Contact David Morris if interested.

UUFCC Resilience and Acceptance Discussion Group

UUFCC - Room B 780 Waupelani Drive, State College

The participants of the UUFCC Resilience and Acceptance in the Face of Collapse course (which met from October 2023-February 2024) would like to invite UUFCC members and others to participate in the UUFCC Resilience and Acceptance Discussion Group. The purpose of this group is to create a safe and stimulating space for exploring resilience and acceptance in the face of the collapse of modern civilization and for supporting each other in making changes in our lives and communities to lessen the impact of collapse. “Resilience” includes both the capacity within each of us to allow and stay with difficult emotions while [...]

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